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SIN CITY LEGAL, what to know

Excitement for the future is people standing in line to purchase LEGAL CANNABIS!!

Hundreds of Nevadans stood in line, waiting for the doors to open at some of the first dispensaries in the state to sell recreational marijuana.

Inside the dispensaries, “budtenders” took wads of cash in exchange for tightly sealed Ziploc bags containing everything from joints to gummies to oils.

Sin City is going to smell pretty skunkie for a bit—-lol more info in link

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Cannabis Industry Design Firm, Cannabis Industry Update, Medical Marijuana

 Puerto Rico and Cannabis Opportunities

One thing that the whole industry can say is that we are persistent and we are moving at times like a glacier. This can help the debt struggling Island, due to the bad old colonial ruling and Wall Street greed. Become self sustaining and even in the eyes some become independent. 

“Stay persistant cannabis industry people, even at glacial speed we are still moving forward”


Puerto Rico and Cannabis Opportunities 


Getting Ready.

If i was a weather forecaster I would scream to hills that a super storm is coming. The storm i am speaking about is the legal Cannabis Industry and the speed that is it coming will be to fast for most to handle. I have talked many ears off about investing as soon as they can in the cannabis industry. One day soon it will be to late and start up prices will be beyond the reach of the common entrepreneur. I can not stress this enough GET READY, financially, Visually (Company Design, Branding), administratively, & infrastructure. Here is a link to a story to point out the obvious.